General terms and conditions

Rental is subject to the following terms and conditions :

I - Legal status of the contract

The rental is granted as a temporary residence. The premises cannot be used as a main residence or secondary residence and the tenant may not exercise any commercial, professional or cottage trade in the premises. Consequently, the contract will be governed by the French Civil Code (Code Civil) and the conditions set forth in this document.

II - Duration

The rental cannot be terminated before the date provided for in the specific rental conditions without the prior written agreement of the lessor; the lessee is fully aware of and accepts this fact. The lease is automatically terminated at the end of the period stipulated, without any need to give notice.

III - Rent-booking

The rental amount is stipulated in the specific conditions. The booking of an apartment in a Temporim residence by a company or an individual employee is only valid after the customer's booking has been accepted by the Temporim residence.
In addition, to be fixed and confirmed, a booking made more than five days before the scheduled arrival date must be guaranteed through the immediate payment of a deposit either by banker's card, using an electronic bank payment system accepted by Temporim, or by sending a cheque made payable to Temporim, or by bank transfer. If the deposit is not paid immediately, the apartment booking will be automatically cancelled.
The deposit referred to above must be equal to 20% of the total amount due for the entire stay. For long-term stays, the amount will be limited to the equivalent of one month. Bookings made less than five days before the scheduled arrival date must be guaranteed by the payment of a deposit using a banker's card.
Group bookings, i.e. bookings for over five apartments by the same structure or organisation, are subject to the general terms and conditions for groups.
Since the conditions concerning cancellation depend on the length of the stay, they will be stipulated at the time of the booking, either by the reception staff or through the booking module that can be accessed via the website.

IV - Changes to bookings or stays

Subject to availability and the agreement of Temporim, the length of the stay may be extended, although Temporim is under no obligation to provide the same apartment or propose the same price.
If the extension of the stay is accepted, the price applied will be that corresponding to the actual length of the stay, according to the applicable prices at the date on which Temporim was informed of the extension.

V - Inventory of the apartment condition and furniture

The apartment will be made available to the tenant in a good state. The tenant will use the leased premises and the fixtures and fittings in a proper manner. An inventory of furniture and accessories is available in each apartment. The tenant must verify the accuracy and condition of the fixtures and furniture on arrival and report any discrepancies, missing items, or deterioration to the reception desk within four hours of his/her arrival. When the tenant leaves, the inventory and the cleanliness of the apartment will be checked by Temporim and any missing items on the inventory or damage to the apartment will be charged to the tenant. In this regard, it is clearly stated that furniture can only suffer deterioration from to wear and tear due to normal use. Any lost, broken or damaged items must be reimbursed at their replacement value by the tenant, who undertakes to comply with this condition. The staff of Temporim reserve the right to enter the rented premises for safety and maintenance purposes.

VI - Number of people sleeping or staying in the apartment

The premises subject to this rental agreement must not, under any circumstances, be occupied by a greater number of persons than that stipulated in the specific rental conditions, without the prior agreement of the lessor. If necessary, the lessor or his agent may claim additional rent or refuse access to the premises.

VII - Main obligations of the tenant

The tenant shall :
1. occupy the premises for residential purposes only, excluding any trade, professional or production activity. The tenant acknowledges that this rental is granted solely FOR TEMPORARY RESIDENTIAL PURPOSES, this being a primary condition without which the rental would not have been granted.
2. do nothing, through his/her actions or due to those of his/her family or relations, that may disturb the tranquillity of other tenants or the neighbourhood.
3. comply with the building's internal rules, which he/she shall read as displayed in the building or in the document sent by the lessor.
4. not sub-let the premises UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, even for free, nor transfer his/her rental rights to a third party, without the prior written agreement of the lessor or his agent.
5. make no modification or changes to the layout of the furniture or the premises.
6. be allowed to take pets (dogs, cats, etc.) into the rented premises.
7. allow any repairs in the rented property to be carried out if they are deemed urgent and necessary during the rental period, and cannot be postponed.
8. maintain the rented premises and leave them in a clean and fit state for rent at the end of the tenancy.
9. immediately notify the lessor of any loss and damage that occurs in the rented premises.
10. be responsible for any damage and loss of furniture and accessories that may arise due to his/her own acts or through the acts of persons for whom he/she is responsible during the tenancy period, unless the tenant proves that said damage or loss was not his/her fault or that of the persons mentioned above.
11. give prior notice of his/her date and time of arrival and make an appointment for the departure formalities the day before leaving.

VIII - Main obligations of the lessor

The lessor shall :
1. deliver the rented premises in a good state of repair and the equipment mentioned in the contract in good working order.
2. ensure the tenant may enjoy the rented premises in total peace and guarantee there are no vices or defects that may prevent this enjoyment.
3. maintain the premises in a good state of repair for their intended use.
4. inform the tenant about the residence's internal rules.

IX - Liability

Temporim cannot be held liable in the event of thefts or the disappearance of personal items in the apartments, which have individual safes, or in the common areas, or the car parks next to the Temporim residence.

X - Parking

This is an additional service to the main service and for which the lessor is exempt of any liability since said service is limited to making space available for parking the tenant's vehicle (no responsibility for vehicles and their contents).

XI - Payment terms concerning individual bookings

For companies, invoices are payable upon receipt according to the conditions set forth below: The booking of an apartment by a company may be done by fax to Temporim, by letter or by internet. The company shall state its exact contact details (company name, type of company, capital, registered office, company registration number and VAT number). Upon receipt of the fax, letter or e-mail, the payment terms are defined as follows :

a) If the payment of the services is to be made by the employer, the company undertakes to inform Temporim whether it will cover (or not) expenses for :
- the accommodation, the maintenance,
- the hotel tax,
- the breakfast
- annex services.
For stays less than or equal to 30 nights, the payment for the service will be due within 8 days of the actual arrival date of the employee.
For stays longer than 30 nights, the payment is due on the 1st day of the month.
b) If the payment for the service is made by the employee, he/she shall pay in cash when leaving, except if the stay exceeds 7 days, in which case a weekly invoice will be made, which will be payable in cash.
For stays longer than 30 nights, employees must pay in advance on the 1st day of the month or on the day of the arrival date.

XII - Jurisdiction

As regards the performance of these terms and conditions, the Parties legal domicile will be that of the lessor or the agent, whose address and contact details are stated in the specific rental conditions. In the event of litigation, the competent court will be the court of the city in which the rented premises are situated.